Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fedora 18 alpha (late) review

Even we are getting closer to Fedora 18 Beta release, it's no to late to review all the good thing Fedora 18 alpha release has left us. Anaconda installer which has got a major overhaul in this release, terminals can now use 256 colors instead of the old 8 colors, the renew version of Gnome (3.6), and we also have some changes behind the scene, such as firewalld that is now the default firewall software, replacing iptables, a preview of next generation Yum packet manager with DNF and much more...

The new Anaconda interface has been simplified and acts no more as a wizard were you were asked for all the parameters one after the other; instead, the installer presents a few default settings that can be changed and only asks users to configure the parameters that they must decide on, such as installation location, password, network, time and location.

Even we oldies may find this new interface kind of weird, I think it will be a good thing for new people to be able to configure a complete install with a simpler interface, of course this is just the first step of this new interface, we will have to wait to see all the power behind it.

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